About Us


Encourage people to be healthy and happy by connecting them to natural foods.


Give people a fresh & nutritious option on the table unexpectedly fast and simple. To create business opportunities by introducing people to healthy eating choices.

No Additives

We do not add any Additives hence our fruit pack is fresh

No Preservatives

We do not add any Preservatives to our fruit box.

Fast Delivery

Your orders will never be late, get quick and easy deliveries.

Hygienically Packed

The Fruits are packed using hygienic processes.

Our Essence

Fruit box’s core belief is everyone has the right to happiness and prosperity which comes from a healthy diet – the crux of our existence. We offer fresh and indulgent quality cut, ready-to-eat fruits packed in boxes at your table with minimum taps on your screen. We have a range of fruit boxes intersecting your taste buds and choices.

Our products are carefully designed to keep in mind your health priorities & objectives. Our innovative business model of efficient service to our customers offers you very convenient delivery options. Our unique sourcing method ensures that our fruits are fresh & invigorating when they reach you on your table. All our fruit boxes are prepared from nutritious and whole fruits.

We Guarantee

Fresh & Natural Fruits

No Chemicals , No Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners only Natural Products

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