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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. No. All of our products are 100% fresh. our unique logistics ability ensures that we don't use any preservatives for our products so you can be assured that you are getting natural fresh cut fruits.

Ans. Our products are cut and packaged in hygienic conditions. Fruit Box contents are sealed for maximum safety. Our convenient packaging ensures that you can have fruit box in the unlikeliest of places.

Ans. Fruit Box’s experienced buyers purchase the fruit locally and daily from wholesale markets. A unique business model with a local packing and delivery operation within a radius of 5 kilometres, ensures that every piece of fruit is carefully inspected as part of a stringent packing procedure, delivered fresh and ready to eat at your desk. additionally, we use seasonal fruits fresh from the farm.

Ans. Fruit Box products are washed, cut  and ready to eat out of the box, but it must be kept cold and lidded  to protect it from dehydration.

Ans. First and foremost, safety and sanitation. Our unique packaging allows you to savor the box
contents in both leisure and work.

Ans. Keep the fruit box in a refrigerator in normal conditions.

Ans. At present we only cater to the Andheri (East) Region and are slowly expanding our base of operations.

Ans. We aim for all deliveries to be completed by 1 hour of receiving the order or the delivery time schedule. Occasionally, due to circumstances outside of our control such as weather and traffic conditions, there may be a delay with your delivery. Rest assured, the delivery is on its way, but feel free to contact our Customer Service Team for further information.

Ans. We take orders from 8:00 am to 8.00 pm

Ans. You can order using any of the options below :
Calling us, Send Us SMS, WhatsApp and through the website

Ans. Our products have been categorized  into 5 segments  Healthy Fruit Box, Diabetic Fruit Box, Pregnancy Fruit Box, Diet Fruit Box, Hair Growth & skin care Fruit Box. Our website  will give you a fair  idea of what to expect in your fruit box. The mix changes depending on the season and availability. You can select any Fruit Box Category  that want .

Ans. We provide a daily delivery service from Monday to Friday. We also do not deliver on major Public Holidays and week ends at present.

Ans. We pride ourselves on our food, health & safety procedures . Through best practices we  ensure  our products meet a rigorous quality control checking process  farms until they are delivered to your office. Our Food Quality System and Food Safety Programs give us the confidence that the products we deliver have been through rigorous quality control. procedures consistent with the high standards .

Ans. Sure you can set the delivery time when you order. We deliver from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Ans. We welcome such contracts for weekly ( 5 days ) and Monthly ( 22 days ) days and yes great discounts are waiting for you !

We Guarantee

Fresh & Natural Fruits

No Chemicals , No Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners only Natural Products

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