Corporate Fruit Box

Do you want your business to be more fruitful, fill your staff with fruits; the snack attack that beats the munchies and wins the battle of the bulge. Fruit Box intends to become India’s leading workplace fruit delivery service because our fruit is fresh, sourced from local markets, and is always premium quality.

We rush it to your premises with daily deliveries in the Mumbai region. From as little as Rs 50 per box our workplace fresh-fruit delivery service is inexpensive health insurance for your staff. (You know what they say about an apple a day.) Call us for a no-obligation-free quote today.

No Additives

We do not add any Additives hence our fruit pack is fresh

No Preservatives

We do not add any Preservatives to our fruit box.

Fast Delivery

Your orders will never be late, get quick and easy deliveries.

Hygienically Packed

The Fruits are packed using hygienic processes.

Step 1: Crunch Your Numbers

First, figure out how many fruit boxes you want to order. We normally figure on each person having an average of 1 fruit box pack per day or 5 Fruit Boxes per week but it’s entirely your call.

Step 2: Pick Your Fruit Box

Now, work out exactly which fruit boxes you want – and/or don’t want – for your order. And you can simply leave it up to us to go bananas and create a mix of the freshest, ripest, tastiest fruit in the market that week.

Discuss & Order

With so many choices, the best way to place your order is to give us a call on our phone. We can set you up for as little as Rs 60 per box. Call us for a no obligation free quote today. Our zesty staff members are ready to discuss your needs, delivery days, frequency, payment preference and pricing. Speaking of which, you can pay by either cheque, credit card or online UPI payments option like Gpay etc.

We Guarantee

Fresh & Natural Fruits

No Chemicals , No Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners only Natural Products

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