Are you getting tired by Lunch Time in your workplace?

Have you experienced that when you start working , by lunchtime you are down and out or really tired? Did you know the reason behind it? Well this is primarily due to your spike in blood sugar levels which needs to be replenished every hour so that your brain functions optimally.  This is bad for productivity as it is bad for the brain. A better idea would be to have frequent meals to maintain your glucose to consistent levels than having long spaced meals like a break fast and then lunch . Putting it simply grazing all day on the right foods enhances your work place performance .Why should you have frequent meals just because you have to constantly upgrade your sugar levels so that they don’t affect your productivity. What more better way then snacking fruits on your table through Fruit Box. This not only maintains your sugar levels but also Increases your energy levels. Study was conducted to see what would be the results when suits were introduced in the work place as a snack. 80% of the respondents acknowledged an increase in productivity levels in the work place.  Fruit Box is a corporate fruit delivery service that works to cater to the commercial sector in Andheri East.

Fruit Box also offers monthly Fruit Box delivery services wherein cut fruits are  Hygienically packed and delivered to your office for your consumption.


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