Diet Fruit Box


Meet Your Weight Loss Training Buddies – Fruits

  • Optimizes Metabolism Levels
  • Increase Testosterone a key weight loss Factor
  • Arginine, belly Fat burning Amino Acid

Are you looking for a Nutrient-rich food that can also help you in weight to gotta try our Diet Fruit Pack? The fruits picked up for this pack are a healthy addition to your Diet Plan. When you plan to lose weight an important aspect not only is increased satiation time but also enjoy what you eat. In fact, it works to a huge sustainable weight loss program. Our cut & packed fruits give you the fullness of fiber, content, and delicacy all packed in one. Some of the fruits have healthy fat a key factor for optimum levels of metabolism. They also increase the testosterone levels in the body one of the first hormones linked to Weight Loss in both Men & Women. Our Diet pack menu fruits contain Arginine the belly Fat burning Amino Acid. These fruits satisfy your craving for a sweet tooth but also contain plenty of nutrients

Our Fruit Box contains any 4 – 5 of these fruits as per availability and season. • Pears • Banana • Strawberries • Kiwi • Peaches • watermelon • Guava • Apple • Orange


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