Fruit Box Monthly Pack


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What do you get?
You get a subscription-based Fruit Box of any of the 5 varieties like Diet Fruit Box, Pregnancy Fruit Box,
Diabetic Fruit Box, Hair & Skin Care Fruit Box and General Fruit Box every day from Monday to Friday, 4
weeks delivered to you for a period of 20 days in a month.

How does it work?
You can order a 20-day Subscription-based service for days of the week from Monday to Friday any from
any one of our 5 Fruit Boxes ( You have to choose only one which will be the same through the subscription
period ). The subscribed Fruit box will be packed and delivered to your doorstep ready to eat. You also
get a great discount of 20 % on the subscription.

Great for professionals who want a fruit box service packed & delivered at their Workplace. Diet
conscious Men & Women who are looking for a healthy elevation to their food habits. Professionals
who are into midday snacking to keep energy levels high during the productive morning hours. Fruits
are known to provide vigor & vitality by inhibiting heavy tiring digestive processes. Also regular
consumption of our Hair & Skin Care Fruit Box candidly helps to provide vitamins known for their Hair
and Skincare abilities.

Fruit Box

Diabetic, Diet, Hair & Skin Care, Pregnancy, General


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