General Fruit Box


  • Regular eating reduces chronic diseases
  • Supplies Vital Nutrients to the body
  • Eating whole fruits is more effective than juices

If you’re looking for the best fruit to eat that will provide you with all kinds of nutrients in one source our General Fruit box is the answer. I’m sure we do t need to tell you the benefits of eating fruits. It has been proved beyond doubt that people who eat fruits as part of their overall diet are likely to have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Fruits are the answer to providing vital nutrients to our body for a good healthy life . Eating whole/ cut fruits is more effective. Juices as the water dilute the precious nutrients present in the fruits.

Our Fruit Box contains any 4 – 5 of these fruits as per availability and season. • Sweet Lime • Orange • Watermelon • Papaya • Banana • Guava • Grapes


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