Hair & Skin Care Fruit Box


From Time Immemorial We Have Come Across Enough Benefits Of Fruits For Our Hair & Skin.

  • Fruits have high water Content
  • Amino Acids for skin Tissue Repair
  • Prevents Hair Fall & increases Hair Growth

All the fruits in these pallet people have been carefully chosen to give you hair growth and excellent skincare. Most of these fruits are rich sources of Vitamins A, Vitamins C, Vitamins B5, Vitamins E, Vitamins K, Potassium, and Fiber. Some of the fruits prevent hair fall while others help promote hair growth. This pallet has a high source of Vitamin C and the enzyme Bromley a known skin Softener. Munching on these fruits enables the body to synthesize Collagen which supports skin structure. Further Amino Acids help you with skin tissue repair and give you that youthful appearance. Most of these fruits contain High water content which translates into Hydrated, Soft, and Supple Skin.

Our Fruit Box contains any 4 – 5 of these fruits as per availability and season. • Apples • Strawberries • Banana • Avocado • Pineapple • Grapes • Apricots • Peaches • Plum • Guava • Cherries • Fig


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