Pregnancy Fruit Box


Fruits are a very healthy eating choice throughout your pregnancy

  • Good source of Pottasium & Magnesium
  • Vitamins & Minerals for baby growth
  • Regulates Digestion & prevents Hemorrhoids

All the fruits cut and packed in this fruit box provide vitamins and minerals that help your baby throughout your pregnancy. These fruits are an excellent and easy source of Fiber, Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Folic Acid, and other nutrients required by the mother to keep the body strong until the baby’s arrival. Some fruits are high in Fiber which regulates digestion and prevents Haemorrhoids. Then there is Vitamin C which aids the growth of the baby. Some fruits are good sources of Potassium & Magnesium that help regulate the body fluid and prevent cramps by relaxing the muscles in addition to preventing morning sickness and Dehydration.

Our Fruit Box contains any 4 – 5 of these fruits as per availability and season.

• Avacado
• Mangoes
• Grapes
• SweetLime
• Bananas
• Strawberries
• Oranges
• Apple
• Lychee


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