Improve your employee productivity at work by eating healthy.

Research indicates that providing fresh food at people’s workplaces increases productivity from 10 to 20% by boosting the energy levels and encouraging employees to a healthier lifestyle. Almost more than 80% according to the same study thought that having fresh food at the table contributed to their improvement in work quality. I am sure every organization is thinking of better ways to increase employee productivity, which has emerged as one of the most important factors in company profitability.

Fruit Box delivers corporate food boxes to your office to help your employees munch on, creating simple everlasting habits for a healthy lifestyle We have different schemes right from weekly & monthly to cater to the corporate environment.

Fruit Box offers cut fruits in a variety-packed in a reusable box so that employees can munch on the fruits whenever they feel and store them for further snacking. The best thing about Fruit Box is that it offers you a variety of fruits Under different choices like General Food Box, Diet Fruit Box, Hair, And Skincare Fruit Box.

If you happen to be in Andheri then you can try our store Fruit Box by directly ordering it through a mobile what’s up or email by simply clicking on the button.

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