The green Color in fruits Signifies the presence of Lutein, Zeathanin.

We all know that green is the Color associated with Nature. We see green as the Color closest to nature simply because it’s abundant in nature. The green Color in fruits is also there due to the significant presence of Lutein, Zeathanin & Carotenoids .it is also prepped up by the presence of Chlorophyll the green pigment present in all plants. Chlorophyll is also known for its ability to enhance immunity in humans and promote human health.

The Carotenoids present in these closed fruits are one of the best sources to prevent ( AMD ) Age-related Muscular Degeneration. It is one of the major causes of Cataracts where the muscles managing the eye lens become weak and lose their optimum elasticity resulting in blurred vision. So gorge on green-colored fruits regularly for good eyesight even with advancing age. Green fruits should form a part of your regular diet to mitigate your age-related health.

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